Learn Turkish

If you're learning Turkish why not take a language course in Turkey?

We think the most pleasant, practical, easy way to learn turkish is at out language center in Turkey. During your visit to Turkey, you will learn Turkish effictvely and at the same time experience the culture of the country personally.

Your Language Excursion will do all that for you.

Through direct contact with local people and the country itself, learning Turkish comes to life. The Turkish course in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara  is not about dry swotting of vocabulary and grammar. Your turkish language learning trip will help you learn everything you need to combine business with pleasure. During you stay at our  Language school or teachers home  and to participate in a Turkish course, sightseeing automatically plays an important role.

There is so much to discover in and around Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara

For example, the beautiful beaches of Foca, Çeşme, Urla, Karaburun, Teos, Kuşadası or Ayvalık. Or you can enjoy a weekend trip to a Greek island or to Bodrum, Turkey’s St Tropez. There are wondrous ancient cities like Ephesus (Aydın), Pamukkale (Denizli), Troja (Çanakkale) or Pergamon (Ayvalık), which are among the highlights of West Turkey.

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This way you magically merge your language training with amazing sightseeing.

The fact that our Turkish courses for adults are conducted among like-minded people, who are interested both in the culture and the language of Turkey, should not be underestimated. The Izmir Language Center and Teachers Home provides an interactive study and experience, where students make contacts or are given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice immediately. Activity due to our worldwide network, we have an international student mix, consisting of participants mainly from Europe, USA, Korea, Japan and Australia. Their main aim in participating in a Language Trip is to study Turkish, or to improve their skills. With us they reach their individual goals, while they may realistically expect a return on their investment in money and time in terms of a perfectly organized language study together with private accommodation and personalized care.

Learing Turkish in Turkey with us is not only fun - it takes you to new horizons.