Learn Turkish in Istanbul

Istanbul, where the heart of Turkey beats

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey contributing to the history, culture and trading of the country. Istanbul is one of those very few cities in the world that lies in two continents, Europe and Asia. The Bosphorous courses the waters of the black sea, the sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn through the city’s heart. The Bosphorus strait that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara divides the city into its European and Asian parts.The city’s historical and commercial center lies on the European side and about a third of its population lives on the Asian side. İstanbul has modern an traditional patterns and you can see a multiculturel city when you walk the streets of İstanbul.

About Turkish Language Center in Istanbul- Beyoglu

Your Turkish Language Center is located in the heart of Beyoglu it is reachably very easy from all part of Istanbul. You will learn Turkish by speaking, practicing and you will take advantage of the opportunity to learn in private lessons or group lessons. All our Turkish Language Center Teacher  has an academic diploma as well as the additional qualification for teaching  Turkish as a foreign language. We can provide you as well an  Accommodation option close to the Language School which is next to the  the Mecra Kültür Instiute . You can choose from  1 Bedroom privat Apartment in Cihangir or budget 3 star or more comfort of an 4 Star in Beyoglu. Meals  are not included but your private Apartment is fully equipped . You choose the interests of the language course yourself.  You can take group courses or private lessons from lazy 15 lessons or more intensive to 20 or very intensive to 30 lessons per  per week. You will have full support from our staff  in helping to organise your free time and to explore  the city and culture after the lessons.

Istanbul Airports:

Istanbaul has 2 main airports which are located on the european and anatolian shore.
Many Airlines from Europe offer direct flights to Istanbul. Both Airport are 40 km from
our teachers home in Beyoglu away. You can take Taxi or Airport Bus from Havas or more budget use public transportation such from IETT Buses to reach easily your accommodation. We offer Airport Service from 69,- EUR oneway to your booked hosting in Istanbul.

Tourist Attractions & Sightseeings in Istanbul

In the sorrounding you will find the famous museum and important famous attractions. One of them is Miniatürk which is a showcase of Turkey with the Slogan of ‘A small Model of a Big Country’. And Rahmi Koç Museum is also an interesting museum that you can visit. It is a industrial museum dedicated to the history of transport, industry and communication.
To see the unique view of İstanbul and Golden Horn of course, you can visit Pierre Loti Hill.
And you also have the chance to seethe Maiden’s Tower in Üsküdar with a short ferry trip.